Contour XO in-ear monitor.

The new limited edition Contour XO is born from the meeting of two pro sound icons: Jerry Harvey and Dr. Christian Heil. Both pioneered technologies that forever changed the professional audio industry with the in-ear monitor (IEM) and present-day concert PA based on the L-Acoustics line source array.

Challenged by mega-stars demanding better sound quality on stage, Jerry Harvey, JH Audio founder, developed the first custom dual balanced armature

in-ear monitor. When demand caught fire, the new IEM catapulted him into the position of a world-leading custom in-ear monitor manufacturer. 

L-Acoustics, founded by Dr. Christian Heil, revolutionized the live sound industry not once, but twice, with the Wavefront Sculpture Technology of V-DOSC line source arrays in 1992, and in 2016, deepened the connection between artist and audience with the first object-based mixing technology for live events: L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound.

Now, for the first time, Harvey’s and Heil’s respective R&D teams have collaborated to reproduce the renowned L-Acoustics sonic signature frequency contour in a premium, 10-driver in-ear monitor (IEM), elevating the standard for in-ear monitoring with the introduction of Contour XO.

“The first time I tried the prototype, I put on my favorite playlist, and it took me 20 seconds to love them. There’s a very generous, deep low-end contour, and a high-end extension that I’ve never heard on an IEM before,” commented Heil on the Contour XO.

Harvey is also thrilled with the new fusion, “I’ve been trying to make my in-ears sound like an L-Acoustics PA for years. It wasn’t until their team challenged us that we got as close as we could.”    

The newly designed universal in-ear monitors bring listeners inside the music with ten balanced armature drivers and three-way crossover in a quad low, dual mid, and quad high configuration. Contour XO offers control of the low end with bass adjustment of up to 15 dB above flat response. Artists, musicians, sound professionals, and audiophiles alike will appreciate the individual care and attention to detail transmitted by the new premium in-ear audio solution.

Contour XO also supports the exciting upcoming release of the new L-ISA binaural object-based mixing software tools, a platform which is available to Contour XO owners as part of its beta testing.

Contour XO is available now on the L-Acoustics eStore.

Bring home the iconic L-Acoustics sonic signature in a novel, innovative personal package. 

The L-Acoustics Team

The L-Acoustics Creations Team

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